e2o is the leading  multi-discipline technical service provider in Completions, Commissioning and Operational support for the oil & gas, mining and heavy industry sectors.

We assist our clients by providing the best technical solution to effectively achieve project milestones and operational requirements, as the project moves from engineering, design and construction, through to completions , commissioning and operations, hence our name e2o (engineering to operations).

e2o promote a “total process” philosophy, finding big picture solutions rather than endless quick fixes and repairs, ensuring your plant is controllable, cost effective and efficient from day one.  We achieve this by concentrating on what we consider as the niche areas essential to the lifecycle of a facility. These areas require specialised attention from “engineering to operations” and beyond.

  • Multi-discipline Completions and Commissioning
  • Hazardous Areas (EEHA)
  • Instrumentation and Electrical
  • Project Services
  • Information Management

All disciplines are crucial in the operability of a facility (where applicable), as small mistakes in either or all of the areas can result in huge financial loss.

e2o has the resources to be able to minimise the risk associated with all of these critical disciplines, including test equipment, management systems, trained and experienced personnel and the expertise to recognise what you business or project requires to be completed successfully.

  • The optimum technical solution: We give your project the greatest chance of achieving project milestones
  • Adaptability: Industrial projects aren’t set in stone… Things change, and obstacles arise. So, we’ve equipped ourselves with the resources, capabilities and processes to adapt to changing on-site requirements quickly and painlessly, as needs arise
  • Peace of mind: Be confident in the fact that the scope of work will be completed in a timely, cost effective and safe way; no matter how complex the job may be.